Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aren't kids funny!!

No pictures for this will thank me later! many of you may know Ethan has gotten into gymnastics and if I may say so...he's pretty good. When he got home from practice today he thought it would be a great idea to tell us about the new thing he learned at the gym...and this is how it went.

Ethan - Hey mom...guess what?
Mom - What Ethan?
Ethan - I learned something new today at the gym!
Mom - Cool! What?
Ethan - I learned how to do a cart wheel and pick my nose at the same time. Watch!!

At this point Ethan sticks his finger up his nose and does a one handed cart wheel in perfect form. Now he can do his two favorite things at the same time!

Such a proud mom!


Amber Kei said...

Hi Melissa...this is too funny! Thanks for the laughs!

Super Angie said...

That rocks!!! He should demostrate in primary for everyone to see! :) Ward Talent Show? Neighborhood picnic? Ah, the possibilities are endless! :)

lvs2dance said...

hahaha that is truly disgusting! I REALLY hope that he does not show off his new talent around me! Some things belong behind closed doors, Ethan this is one of them! NASTY!