Thursday, June 24, 2010

3 weeks old already...

Noah is still trying to get use to riding in the car seat but he does pretty good and seems to handle riding in the car great.

My other 3 kids loved to be all tucked in when they sleep but for some reason Noah has to have his arms out and up over his head...strange kid!

Megan has really turned into a great helper and she is loving having Noah in the house and we are loving all the extra help!

I was up at my parents house and Noah feel asleep on my shoulder and some how worked his way down and just snuggled in. He seems to love snuggling up with his legs tucked up under himself...very cute!
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Pokeyann said...

How cute is he!!!!! Love the face in the carseat, hehe. Congratulations again, he seems perfect!

John & Becky Lyn and Family said...

He is darling.....I hope your getting some sleep. He looks like you, but so does your oldest. Take care and enjoy it, my baby turns one in August, it went by too fast!

Mandy said...

oh my goodness! He is too cute...and the other kids are getting so grown up! Miss y'all, congrats again!